I found out about Margret Thatcher’s death when I was swimming this morning. It came on over the radio, interrupting whatever song that I wasn’t really listening to on Captial FM. Now, don’t get me wrong, I won’t miss her because I supported what she did or how she acted while in office, but I will miss her because she was a person. She existed. She felt, grew, learned, lived, loved and lost, just as anyone else. Why should anybody celebrate the passing of another, even if they weren’t particuarly happy with the choices he or she made?

I can at least empathise with the feelings of others that were directly impacted by Thatcher’s actions regarding the mines and trade unions, but what about all the people that weren’t even alive when this happened? It seems very, very sad to me that vox pop opinion can override regard for another being’s existance. Sure enough, I don’t agree with her choices at all; that doesn’t mean that I would wish death on her, however, or celebrate her passing. And so, I will miss her. I didn’t know her, and I don’t really wish that I did know her (though the chance to understand her mind would have been very interesting, indeed) but I Thatcher existed regardless; she was another human. People need to start remembering that.

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