Look, it boils down to this: if you have money, then vote to leave the EU. You have enough cash that you don’t have to care or even generally think about the consequences of your actions anyway.

If you don’t have a couple of million hidden away in an offshore trust, then you absolutely must vote to remain. Around 1 in every ten British jobs are linked to the EU. The EU buys over 50 per cent of UK exports. Over 300,000 British companies and 74 per cent of British exporters operate in other EU markets. American and Asian EU firms build factories in Britain because it is in the single market. British families enjoy lower mobile phone roaming charges, lower credit card fees, cheaper flights and proper compensation when flights are delayed or cancelled. These sorts of benefits could not be achieved by Britain alone.

We enjoy a more peaceful relationship with neighbours and see greater democratic processes within nations. We enjoy equality and stand staunchly against discrimination. We collectively fight crime, cut red tape and curb the power of multinationals. AND we get cheaper holidays.

We are safer together, stronger together, and smarter together. We need the EU, and we absolutely cannot afford to leave it.


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