Recently I’d decided to install a new pdf program so I could lurk through documents without having to always go through Mendeley. This might sound counterproductive, having two readers installed at once, but Mendeley is used to categorise and keep track of journal reading; it automatically imports articles, optimises my library and basically does everything an academic tool should. Naturally, I didn’t want that polluted with non-psychological articles. I’d used Foxit reader before and preferred it over the likes of Adobe namely because it didn’t remind me of being at secondary school or give me a headache, not to mention it’s a very lightweight and fast application. However, this time the install was a bit strange.

Not so long ago, I upgraded — take that with a pinch of salt — to Windows 8 after an SSD went berserk. My CD’s for 7 were nowhere to be found (because I didn’t get any… THANKS MICROSOFT) so I just decided to grab the next version and to hell with it.

You know a story is bad when it starts off “I upgraded to Windows 8”; thanks for not leaving me on the doorstep. So, allow me to paint the picture; Foxit had just installed, and then all of a sudden every single SSL certificate started to drop. Literally every certificate (and I’m not using that in the figurative sense). Queue panic. Malware? A virus? Scans didn’t pick up anything, so I’d ran boottime checks. At the worst it was a rootkit. My head started racing around towards whether my accounts may have been compromised, or rather how many. Did I hop onto my laptop and change passwords? Buggers.

There I was, worrying. The internet was out of bounds due to nothing working. The scans, even boottime ones, had picked up nothing. Had I been logical at that point, things would have been broken down and processed as chunks. BUT NOPE. Panic panic panic.


Everything was saved on my computer, everything! What if there was access to my paypal? I’m already in enough financial trouble after higher education, I could be destroyed. Social media, my precious twitter. Oh lordie, I was in online ruin. Eventually I accepted my fate, things will rebuild. It’s not the first time, starting from scratch. It was a shame that contacts would potentially be lost, or I’d end up bannded by an overzealous admin from forums. Everything would be okay, eventually.

But then, what the hell? Be still, my beating heart. My computer clock was showing it to be a few minutes after midnight, the first of the first, 2000. Motherfucker. Foxit reader had reset my computer clock. No wonder SSL certificates were being dropped, they wouldn’t have been authenticated yet. No wonder software wasn’t picking up anything, there was nothing to be found. Foxit, you absolute asshole.

A moral was found in this, I guess. Things are all taken too fast, thought is all too much into the future. Ifs and buts, even without any real indication that something was wrong, ended up ran with. If only I’d have slown down, processed the problem as is, not as might. Had my mind been in a better state, then almost certainly the computer clock issue would’ve been picked up on. But alas, no. Not this time. Sticking with the moment and only working with the concrete is something that I’ll definitely try to keep in mind for the future; there is no real reason for me to have started trying to fix something that didn’t exist, but the worry made me try to do it anyway. It’s very likely not the first time that this has happened, and potentially not the last, but hopefully I’ll try to remain a little more mindful in the future about events.

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