I mentioned recently having been nominated for a student-led teaching award. While I wasn’t the winner, a few days later I received the message below. It is one of the nicest things to ever have landed in my inbox, and will probably always be so. Whenever motivation drops, it’s always good to take a look at this and be reminded of the nicer parts that come with being an academic.


Dear Ashley

Congratulations you received a nominations for Best Lecturer, Best Postgraduate Student Who Teaches and Best Use of Technology in this year’s Student Led Teaching Awards;

Your nominations were;

Really helpful and presents learning in an easier and simple way

Ashley explains his lectures very clearly and is always there offering extra help. He makes his lecturers interesting.

Open to questions. Understandable classes

Engaging lectures, well explained information, clear passion for subject.

Ashley always appears to enjoy his teaching experience. He is approachable and co-operative with students and is prepared to go that extra mile if you don’t understand an area of a topic

Clear method of teaching, feels like he genuinely cares about our learning

Very helpful with statistics.

Always helpful and happy

Easy to contact, explains and describes difficult to pics well friendly and open helped me to understand

Very knowledgeable and engaging

Put time and effort into one on one tuition and is very approachable with any problems.

Ash Chapman, because he’s passionate and devoted to his subject and it rubs off on his teaching 🙂

Ashley forever goes above and beyond the normal expectations of a lecturer. As a current student, he makes demonstrations far more student-friendly and makes the workshop series far more approachable. Forever offering his own time for issues with his lecture series as well as being able to advise on all matters of university life, he definitely has genuine passion for his role, as well as the humble attitude of being a peer student

Really good at teaching the work. All the knowledge we need to know he gets across well. Nice person too!

Explains subject matter very well, engages you in learning

Really good at teaching statistics, makes everything seem easier and is always happy to give extra support and answer questions.

Enthusiastic Engaging Knows his stuff

A mix of humour and a clear teaching style. Very approachable and offers support both in class and via emails.

Funny and helpful in class despite our class being very quiet Delivers clear classes

He goes into depth when teaching. Answers everyone’s questions really well until we understand it. Is always there to help.

Engaging and helpful – explains lecture contents well.

A passionate teacher who is available to help whenever necessary. Informative and helpful lectures really encourage learning and involvement in workshops.

Engaging. Always helpful. Explains things well.

Helps us understand the content well

Helpful in explaining all statistical tests and how they would be reported.

I chose to nominate Ashley Chapman for best postgraduate student who teaches as I find his teaching insightful, motivational and inspiring.

I nominate Ashley Chapman for best post-grad student who teaches. He seems passionate about what he does and that is reflected from his attitude to teaching. He makes the subject and learning environment interesting.

Ashley is an excellent stats teacher, who is passionate about his subject. It is because of this, and his ability to explain concepts and topics in interesting and innovative ways that I feel more confident with the stats module and like I am more likely to achieve in the module, than I would without his teaching abilities.

Ashley delivers his stats labs with enthusiasm, he delivers the lectures in a way that enables all students to understand.

Good methods of teaching and teaches with enthusiasm

Ashley is always super passionate about what he does, he tries his best to make statistics both fun and understandable which is not easy. He always makes sure that students understand what he is teaching even if it is an extremely difficult topic.

He is a good teacher and makes stats understandable

I want to nominate Ashley because he is a very good teacher, he makes sure everyone understands the content he is teaching and he makes it fun.

Makes statistics easy to understand for those who are rubbish at it!

Very helpful, cheerful and always ready to help you out

Helpful, happy

Engaging. Happy to answer questions.

In my first year of university I had absolutely no idea what was going on in statistics lectures; I was always so lost. However the statistics workshops led by Ashley were so useful and I ended up getting a first in my statistics exam and I believe this is down to Ashley’s teaching. He goes through everything at a pace and manner that I understand; I would have no idea about statistics if it wasn’t for him.

Very supportive and helpful

Stats lecturer. Makes is light-hearted. Boring subject bearable. Jokes to make it easy.

Breaks down the subject really well, very patient and respectful with people who struggle with anything in the lesson. You can tell that he loves to teach and knows this subject area well.

Ashley goes the extra mile in every class. He repetitively goes out of his way to help students outside of lecture hours and builds a great rapport with his students through his teaching style. Although he teaches one of the hardest topics (statistics workshops) he still manages to ensure that everyone understands the material. Without Ashley I doubt we would see such great marks in lab reports and essays.

Would not survive stats without Ashley’s teaching

Ashley’s teaching method is unique as he breaks elements down which some student may not otherwise grasp so quickly. He makes us aware of key points and he understands which areas students generally struggle with, which he uses to his advantage to simplify terminology/ processes until we can move onto the next step. He is always happy, always encouraging us to ask questions. He leads a comfortable class and had made my experience of statistics much more enjoyable.


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